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History of Bluetooth

History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the technology that allows different kinds of devices to talk to each other and share information. Most of us have used this technology at least some point in our lives, and some of us would be severely impacted if it ever went away (it won’t).

The Bluetooth name and logo however are more than a fun it-doesn’t-mean-anything marketing moniker. Apparently the name and logo trace it’s origins back to a 10th century war mongering Viking. Seriously.

From the Bluetooth firm itself:

Bluetooth technology was named after a Danish king, King Harald Blatand, who had a penchant for snacking on blueberries and was known for uniting warring factions in what is now Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Uniting devices from different manufacturers and with different purposes, like computers from Apple and mice from Microsoft, is what Bluetooth technology is all about – all at a low cost, with low power consumption and a secure connection every time.

Yep. That happened. Even the Bluetooth logo itself is a combination of Harald’s initials in Runes letters.

Bluetooth Logo-Runes

Is this information you need? Absolutely not, but it’s a great little trivia fact to know at parties. Go on, impress your friends.

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