We Have Nothing to Fear… About Our New Vehicles

We Have Nothing to Fear… About Our New Vehicles

I write to you today with the hopes of inspiring you. For too long people have had the excitement of a new vehicle purchase squelched by the fear of the new technology in their vehicle. This happy moment somehow darkened by the idea that they’ll never understand all of the bells and whistles, gadgets, and features that have become available to them all of a sudden. Then you start to think about safety and you wonder if all the newness in our vehicles has somehow compromised our safety. If you continue on this train of thought soon your exciting new vehicle purchase can become just another thing to worry about.

I’m here to put your mind at ease, to restore the excitement in the vehicle ownership, and to make you excited about all the ways in which vehicles are new. These are exciting times to own a new vehicle, and I’ll tell you why.

cadillac cueWe’ve never been more comfortable, connected, and entertained in the history of automobiles. Just about every vehicle sold new these days comes with a color touch screen that doesn’t just tell you what radio station you’re playing, it also lets you customize your entertainment experience while driving. You can play audio from a variety of sources including AM/FM/XM radio, streaming audio from a Bluetooth device, USB, auxiliary port, and CD players. Whether you’re listening to heavy-metal or that new audiobook that was just released, how you’re entertained in your vehicle is more customizable than ever before.

If your priority isn’t entertainment, but rather staying connected with friends and family, their vehicles have never been better for you either. With the rise of Bluetooth technology and voice command systems in vehicles, you can call, text, even keep up with some social media all hands-free and eyes free. This allows you to be as social or productive as you like while you’re on the road.

If safety is your concern, I encourage you to rest easy. Vehicles have never been safer than they are right now, and vehicles have never had so many advanced high-tech safety features built into them than right now. Available safety features such as lane departure assist, adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alert, and advanced forward collision warning have made vehicles safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians than at any other time in history.

At this point you might be saying to yourself, “That’s all well and good but I know I’ll press the wrong button and messed it all up and this won’t work for me.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. The technology specialist are here to help with vehicle settings and technology questions and the service department is always available to help should there be a problem or malfunction. As for pressing the wrong button, I tell all the people I sit with that short of taking a baseball bat to the infotainment system, you cannot break it. There’s always the option, on every system out there to factory reset the system back to the day you bought it.

There’s plenty in our lives that can stress us out and weigh us down, but your new vehicle purchase shouldn’t be one of them. I write this peptalk to you this holiday weekend to encourage you to enjoy your new vehicle, to drive with joy, and know that you’re not alone in your ownership experience; West Herr is with you the whole way.

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