What Does That Button Do? Vol 3

Welcome back to another installment of “What Does That Button Do?” Today we’re going to go over a few buttons that look complicated and maybe a little intimidating but are actually quite simple. These won’t be found on all vehicles, only when equipped by the manufacturer.
Memory-seat-buttonsMemory Seat Buttons – Some higher end vehicles with power seats are also equipped with memory seat functionality. This allows different drivers to have different seating positions, mirror positions, and even steering wheel positions if your vehicle is equipped with a power steering wheel adjuster. Each brand has different procedures for how to program their memory seat buttons, so you’ll need to consult your owners manual for instructions specific to your vehicle.

electronicparkingbrakeElectronic Parking Break – For a lot of newer vehicles, gone are the days of having a lever you pull to engage your parking break. They’ve been replaced by the button you see pictured, and it’s as easy you use as you’d imagine. Just press the button when you’re in park and the parking break engages. Press the button while your foot is on the brake to release. There’s really nothing to it. The hardest part is knowing what the button does.

toyota snow buttonSNOW Mode Button (Toyota) – According to the owner’s manual, you can “use snow mode for accelerating and driving on slippery road surfaces, such as on snow.” Often times when you start up from a stopped position in snowy conditions, like a red light or stop sign, your wheels might spin in place for a few seconds before you can get moving again. Pressing the SNOW button reduces the likelihood of your wheels slipping when you take off. This will often be found on larger Toyota vehicles like a Highlander or a 4Runner.

I hope that gives you some much needed insight!

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