Good News 2016 Ford Owners: You’re Getting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Good News 2016 Ford Owners: You’re Getting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

I’ve written before about how awesome and helpful Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are to drivers, especially those who don’t have navigation built-in their vehicle. When Ford released their Sync 3 system on their 2016 vehicles they assured their customers they would eventually be getting an update to make the infotainment systems compatible with these cutting edge “phone projection” systems. Well, at long last that time has come.

With this new update you’ll be able to connect your iPhone 5 or higher or Android phone Lollipop or higher to your vehicle (with the phone’s USB cord) and experience all the benefits of these systems.

You can receive the update one of three ways:

  1. Make an Service Appointment with Your Ford Dealership – This would be the easiest way to make sure you get the update and get it done right. You’ll have to make an appointment, as this process can take over an hour. The update is free, and will only cost you the time it takes to complete it.
  2. Connect Your Vehicle to Your Home’s Wifi and get the update over-the-air – In your vehicle’s settings menu, you have the opportunity to connect your vehicle to your home’s wifi connection if you park close enough to your home to receive a strong signal. Your vehicle will go online occasionally and check for updates, and you’ll receive this update at some point in the near future. This takes place even when the vehicle isn’t running, usually overnight.
  3. Download the Update and Install it Yourself with a USB Flashdrive – For those of you feeling adventurous, you can download the update from the Ford Owner website and install it yourself. You’ll need to visit this site on a computer, create a free account linked to your vehicle (or sign in to the one you already have) and download the right version of the update. Then you’ll save the update to a USB flash drive and follow the directions on how to install the update on your vehicle.

NOTE TO IPHONE USERS – In order to use Apple CarPlay you may need to upgrade the physical USB ports at the dealership. This would NOT be free and will be an additional cost. Android users can use the ports that are already installed on the vehicle.

For any assistance with the DIY version of this update, or questions about any of the details associated with these systems, give myself or any of the other Technology Specialists a call.

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